What is Blue Dream?

canada blue dream sativa

Blue dream sativa may be a sativa dominant hybrid, created by crossing the indica Blueberry, the half provides that provides that offers the drug its pain-relieving properties, with sativa Haze, one thing that’s certain to give those gray cells a travail simply once you would like it. With its sweet berry aroma, it tends to mellow you out instead of send you into a coma and is a favorite with several medical cannabis users who need relief from pain throughout the day however still got to function.

There’s loads of mystery concerning who created Blue Dream but it quickly gained cult standing in its native California. With aggressive promoting in recent years, the strain has even as chop-chop become widespread round the world. For many, it provides that final balance between relaxation and artistic thought. If you prefer a touch ‘calm euphoria’, then this can be actually one strain you’ll want to try.

The recognition of Blue dream sativa

The benefit of cultivation and wide convenience of Blue Dream is part accountable for its popularity. The actual fact that it usually includes a nice yield compared to different strains is another necessary factor. With cannabis legalized each medically and recreationally in many countries within the US, advertising and comment on totally different strains has become a lot of widespread which suggests that reach is improving. You almost certainly won’t realize several weed enthusiasts who can have a nasty word to mention concerning Blue Dream and for those wanting to grow their own offer it’s a reliable seed to begin from.

The increase of Blue Dream in places like Washington and Colorado is without doubt right down to some far better disapproval than in the past. Thereupon comes the requirement for quality control. very similar to some pc package nowadays, Blue dream sativa is taken into account ‘open source’ and it’s comparatively simple to seek out cuttings if you wish to grow from there. Our recommendation is often to induce your cuttings or seeds from somebody you trust.

The advantages of Blue Dream

With a consciousness-altering drug content within the late teens, the balance between relaxation and brain stimulation is one among the key benefits that several committed users merely love.

If you suffer from headaches, pain or have psychological state problems like depression, advocates have etch to Blue Dream’s soothing properties. There’s even some proof that it helps with problems like cat menial cramps that may well be one reason why it’s widespread among women.

Most reviews purpose to the actual fact that Blue Dream is nice for daytime use and is good for social occasions once you need to loosen everybody up for a few sensible conversation. It can alter mood and perception while not obtaining users too high so they’re unable to assume or operate effectively.

There’s no monopoly on Blue Dream as there’s with another strains. meaning you’ll realize cuttings simply and there’s no one cluster up to the mark of it. It’s also fairly low-cost to induce hold of that are a few things that almost all growers love.

Mix that with the relatively huge yield and also the proven fact that the plant is immune to powdery mildew, most cultivators win success once growing the plant.


Those sorting out a cannabis strain for pain relief with a decent quantity of consciousness-altering drug content can realize it with Blue Dream; it’s a THC content of 17%. However, this efficiency is additionally not so sturdy that you just will feel knocked out by it, as able to} typically feel with different strains.

The primary result you’re doubtless to feel is that the happy, relaxed feelings of elation that comes inside minutes of smoking or vaporizing Blue Dream. Like most other strains, these effects take longer to feel once the strain is consumed through edibles. once these effects kick in, individuals are likely to feel extremely inventive and energetic, and simply able to conquer the prolonged list of tasks that will face them throughout the day.

It’s for this reason that Blue dream sativa is therefore well-known for being a favorite among meditative patients. It offers such a vigorous feeling, and it’s the high consciousness-altering drug content to banish several ailments, medicinal patients will consume Blue Dream throughout the day while not ever feeling couch bolted or burnt out.

Blue Dream strain bud pica

because of its indica heritage, Blue Dream will have you ever feeling utterly relaxed and also the a lot of its smoked, the more individuals will begin to feel that couch lock feeling. It isn’t illustrious for this sense and whereas it’ll provide a number of the calming body-buzz effects of indica strains, loads of it’s to be consumed before those effects are felt. the consequences are illustrious to last anyplace between 2 and 3 hours, smoking around those timeframes ought to facilitate forestall any feelings of couch lock.

Blue Dream is one among those strains that connoisseurs will generally determine as before long as they see it. The buds are typically coated in long thick hairs that are generally tan to orange in color. And sometimes there are enough of those hairs to create the buds themselves look frosty.

The smell of Blue Dream is super sweet, and also the style is too. Once smoked, the primary factor users will notice is that the sharp sweetness of blueberries that first hits the nose and it’ll hit the taste buds at round the same time. That sweet fruity flavor and aroma settles into a really deep berry tone. Whereas Blue Dream may be a very sweet smoke, it are often harsher than the general public expect, though vaporizing produces a far electric sander and cleaner experience.


You’ll grow Blue Dream each inside and outdoors and it always reaches a medium height, often spreading more once flowering starts. Most specialists say it’s best to grow inside and takes concerning sixty five days before it reaches the flowering stage. If you’re unaccustomed growing, it’s a good strain to begin with as it’s fairly forgiving if you create mistakes. The plant will need loads of feeding however needs the therefore to be unbroken fairly moist.

The plants may have support because they grow as the stems are often weak, so early staking will make sure you crop stays upright and sturdy. The stems usually get stronger once flowering starts. If you’re planting outside, you furthermore might get to take care for pests like caterpillars that appear to like the sweet smell of the leaves.

Collectively of the strains that look to tick most boxes, Blue Dream continues to deliver. Ensuring you supply from a respectable provider is often a decent place to begin – whether or not that’s searching on-line or getting from a neighborhood cultivator.

There are several strains on the market at the instant and competition between them is fierce. Significantly for 1st time growers, however, Blue dream sativa may be a safe bet to begin with.

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